Meet the GPT Site Owners

 Hello, and welcome to "meet the GPT site owners"! Here I will introduce you to the owners of  your favorite GPT sites. You will get to know more about them and their sites and see that they are just normal people like you and me. Not a faceless corporate entity, but REAL people like US who had a dream and desire and FOLLOWED it! Hard working and honest, who CARE about their members and strive to give them the BEST experience possible.

 So, sit back and learn more about the people behind the scenes. Some you MAY know, some you may NOT know. ALL you will get to know BETTER. They are your COLLEAGUES, they are your PARTNERS, they are just like YOU! Keep checking back regularly for I will be adding more in the days to come. If you have a favorite GPT site that you would like to know more about the person that runs it, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to set up an interview for you.

Chris Ix - Keep Rewarding

William Clements - PeoplesGPT

Tom Billington - Earn Doing


Unknown said...

Is this another gimmick?Tired of waiting my time!😇

Unknown said...

Is this a gimmick?Tired of waiting my time!😇g

Unknown said...

Is this a gimmick ? TIRED OF WA I STING MY TIME!😇

Unknown said...

Is this a gimmick?Tired of waiting my time!😇

The Great GPT's Site said...

this is definitely NOT a gimmick :) all the sites within are 100% legit and vetted