Chris Ix

  Chris is the owner of  Keep Rewarding. He started out around 8 years ago doing strictly survey sites. In knowing that these were a real and honest way of earning on line, he soon went in search of other ways he could make money legitimately on line. That led him to the world of GPT sites. From then on he was hooked!

  He started off with the "big boys" like Swagbucks and Gifthulk, in turn finding more and more sites to work on. On a smaller scale and more independently owned in nature, Chris got his feet wet in their shallower waters and learned the ins and outs of the business. Unfortunately, at that time it was a different world with the recession and slow growth, in turn, having some sites he worked and prospered in to shut down. Not to be deterred, Chris decided to take what he had learned and gained from his time and open his very OWN GPT site. And in 2012 Keep rewarding was born!

  Having been a member of many GPT sites himself before starting his own, Chris says:

 "I always try to keep in mind about how I would want to be treated as a member and what I would want a site to have"

 He believes in personal touches, and values each and every member, saying:

 "Without members, the site simply wouldn't exist, they are the driving force that keeps the doors open"

Constantly with his finger on the pulse of the industry, he knows the going rates for completed offers and his are some of the best! 29 offer walls, crowdflower tasks, videos, surveys, cash back shopping, and MANY more ways to earn you'll never be bored or out of things to do here. Forums to meet other members and staff, an active shoutbox filled with friendly and helpful people. Like to save for bigger rewards and higher pay outs? Then this is the place for you, the higher pay out or gift card you go for, the deeper the discount for it!

  Chris' site is open to members worldwide and has paid out over 15k to it's members. You can follow them on Facebook HERE and on twitter HERE. It's a great way to keep in touch and you are also rewarded for following them, so it's a no brainer really. There are also a few new and exciting things in the works that will be of great benefit to the members. I won't give it away, but stay tuned 'cause it's gonna be AWESOME!

  When he's not working on the site which he assures me is not often, being an avid movie buff, sci-fi and comedies tend to be his go to's for a little R&R. Check out his awesome GPT site below:

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