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 If you're tired of all the SCAMS and BS and feel you should "never PAY to GET paid" then you've come to the right place! None of the sites I'm about to introduce to you will EVER ask you for money to get started, or to continue EARNING money. They offer many ways to earn including: surveys, sign up offers, watch videos, cash back shopping, trial offers, contests, and MORE. You will also discover a very friendly and helpful community of like minded people who are more than happy to help along the way. Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have, and remember to follow the blog for there will be MUCH more to come!

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  Hey everybody! I'm going to show you exactly HOW you can make a total of $15.40 INSTANTLY! GPT (Get Paid To) sites are a great source to make money on line even if you've never made a DIME on line before! They offer many ways to earn such as taking surveys, submitting emails, watching videos, fun and lucrative contests.. the list goes on. The best part is, that this is all FREE of charge and will never cost you ANYTHING out of pocket... they pay YOU, you don't pay THEM!

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  I have compiled a list of 17 out of the hundreds of sites I have in my online earning arsenal that offer those sign up bonuses. They accumulatively add up to a grand total of $15.40! That's free and instant cash money for doing nothing more than signing up for the sites! Not too mention a very hefty boost in your account balance towards your first cash out! So, just click on the banners below and you are on your way to that free and instant $15, HAPPY EARNING!

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Complete Master List of Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites

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Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Using the Genuine ShiftCode Site Script (the software the web site runs on) are the sites that those work at home experts in the know frequent and they are also the best sites to get your feet wet in the fascinating world of GetPaidTo sites because most of everything on the site is easy and intuitive.  These sites are all always totally FREE to join and it will never cost you a dime to earn till your heart is content.  Make PayPal money all day long in the privacy of your own home!

Genuine ShiftCode GPTs - Undisputedly the Best Most Legitimate Get Paid To Sites from the Long Term Best Loved, Most Powerful, Most Lucrative, and Most Secure Commercially Available Professional Get Paid To Site Script Available!  Basically, only these sites using the ShiftCode script offer a consistent level of assuredness that you are at a legitimate site that pays. Below is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of these wholly legitimate GPT sites available on the web:

List Updated  4/22/2020

    EarnsYouMore.com         DollarClix.com    RewardingBee.com   

       GPTCorner.com       ThinkOpinion.com        GPTBee.com

                OfferSauce.com        MySurveyVoice.com  

            SquishyCash.com  OneDayRewards.com

         BankRollBucks.com      PeoplesGPT.com       

         JillsClickCorner.com    MadMoneyGPT.com  

 InstantRewards.me                   RewardsGate.com  

RewardingPerks.com         Points4Rewards.com      


Instant Paying GPT Sites!

        LIKE instant cash? Who DOESN'T? WANT instant cash? I'll show you EXACTLY where to GET it! 

  All you need is a PayPal acct. and a little free time! I'm about to introduce you to eight well established and trusted GPT sites that offer you INSTANT PayPal and MANY free and easy ways to GET it! They all have YEARS of proven and consistent payments totalling into the TENS of MILLIONS! If you've been looking for the FASTEST way to get your money online, look NO further because you just FOUND it! There are MILLIONS of people just like YOU on these sites that are getting THEIR money without waiting every DAY! Why not JOIN them?

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$1 Minimum Instant After A Few Manual Withdrawls

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$1 Minimum Instant After Verification

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$1 Min. Instant After $50 Instant GC Redemptions

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$5 Minimum Instant After First Withdrawl

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$20 Minimum Instant After First Withdrawl

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$2 Minimum Instant After $10 Worth Of Withdrawls
                                        (message support after $10 reached to unlock instant)

There you HAVE it folks! Eight sites that you can get your money faster than you can say QUICK! Thank you for reading, and HAPPY EARNING!