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  Hey everybody! I'm going to show you exactly HOW you can make a total of $15.40 INSTANTLY! GPT (Get Paid To) sites are a great source to make money on line even if you've never made a DIME on line before! They offer many ways to earn such as taking surveys, submitting emails, watching videos, fun and lucrative contests.. the list goes on. The best part is, that this is all FREE of charge and will never cost you ANYTHING out of pocket... they pay YOU, you don't pay THEM!

  Sounds good you say, but where exactly does this free and instant 15 BUCKS come in to play you ask. All GPT sites will have a minimum that you can cash out to PayPal or Skrill or Crypto or other options such as check or virtual and physical gift cards to choose from. All offer the same ways to earn and reach that minimum cash out. But, not ALL will offer you a sign up bonus to help you to achieve this quicker! This is where that free and instant $15 comes into play!

  I have compiled a list of 17 out of the hundreds of sites I have in my online earning arsenal that offer those sign up bonuses. They accumulatively add up to a grand total of $15.40! That's free and instant cash money for doing nothing more than signing up for the sites! Not too mention a very hefty boost in your account balance towards your first cash out! So, just click on the banners below and you are on your way to that free and instant $15, HAPPY EARNING!

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$0.25 Sign Up Bonus

rewarding ways banner
$0.25 Sign Up Bonus

offer nation banner
$0.25 Sign Up Bonus

super pay banner
$0.20 Sign Up Bonus

Treasure trooper banner
$5.00 Sign Up Bonus

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$3.00 Sign Up Bonus

earns you more banner
$0.25 Sign Up Bonus

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10 pts. Sign Up Bonus Convert to Cash

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$5.00 Sign Up Bonus

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$0.10 Sign Up Bonus

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$0.10 Sign Up Bonus

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$0.10 Sign Up Bonus

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$0.25 Sign Up Bonus

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10 pts. Sign Up Bonus Convert to Cash

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$0.10 Sign Up Bonus

Complete Master List of Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites

master list banner

Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Using the Genuine ShiftCode Site Script (the software the web site runs on) are the sites that those work at home experts in the know frequent and they are also the best sites to get your feet wet in the fascinating world of GetPaidTo sites because most of everything on the site is easy and intuitive.  These sites are all always totally FREE to join and it will never cost you a dime to earn till your heart is content.  Make PayPal money all day long in the privacy of your own home!

Genuine ShiftCode GPTs - Undisputedly the Best Most Legitimate Get Paid To Sites from the Long Term Best Loved, Most Powerful, Most Lucrative, and Most Secure Commercially Available Professional Get Paid To Site Script Available!  Basically, only these sites using the ShiftCode script offer a consistent level of assuredness that you are at a legitimate site that pays. Below is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of these wholly legitimate GPT sites available on the web:

List Updated  4/22/2020

    EarnsYouMore.com         DollarClix.com    RewardingBee.com   

       GPTCorner.com       ThinkOpinion.com        GPTBee.com

                OfferSauce.com        MySurveyVoice.com  

            SquishyCash.com  OneDayRewards.com

         BankRollBucks.com      PeoplesGPT.com       

         JillsClickCorner.com    MadMoneyGPT.com  

 InstantRewards.me                   RewardsGate.com  

RewardingPerks.com         Points4Rewards.com      


Instant Paying GPT Sites!

        LIKE instant cash? Who DOESN'T? WANT instant cash? I'll show you EXACTLY where to GET it! 

  All you need is a PayPal acct. and a little free time! I'm about to introduce you to eight well established and trusted GPT sites that offer you INSTANT PayPal and MANY free and easy ways to GET it! They all have YEARS of proven and consistent payments totalling into the TENS of MILLIONS! If you've been looking for the FASTEST way to get your money online, look NO further because you just FOUND it! There are MILLIONS of people just like YOU on these sites that are getting THEIR money without waiting every DAY! Why not JOIN them?

rewarding ways banner
$1 Minimum Instant After A Few Manual Withdrawls

super pay banner
$1 Minimum Instant After A Few Manual Withdrawls

offer nation banner
$1 Minimum Instant After A Few Manual Withdrawls

points 4 rewards banner
$1 Minimum Instant After Verification

InstaGC banner
$1 Min. Instant After $50 Instant GC Redemptions

prizerebel banner
$5 Minimum Instant After First Withdrawl

treasure trooper banner
$20 Minimum Instant After First Withdrawl

highest pay banner
$2 Minimum Instant After $10 Worth Of Withdrawls
                                        (message support after $10 reached to unlock instant)

There you HAVE it folks! Eight sites that you can get your money faster than you can say QUICK! Thank you for reading, and HAPPY EARNING!

Red Fire GPT Sites

  I'd like to introduce you all to a family of GPT sites that are run by the Red Fire Network. This is a CPA (Cost Per Action) company that has been in business for over 5 years. What they do is provide the offers that you and I do on the GPT sites themselves. They are highly regarded in their field by MANY site owners for their attention to detail, prompt payments and impeccable customer service. In other words, these guys KNOW what they're doing!

  They are also a very trusted and active member of the GPT community, along with running the Red Fire Network PLUS the GPT sites, they ALSO have revamped a review site for GPT's called GPTReview.net.
There you will find reviews of all the GPT sites you are interested in done by actual members of the sites themselves. As you can probably TELL, when you join THEIR GPT sites you can expect nothing but the best, most honest and legitimate sites around! On THAT note, I will say, welcome to the family!

tiki treasure banner
1.00 minimum cash out

1.00 minimum cash out

mad money gpt banner
1.00 minimum cash out

Free Cash Only - Never Pay to Get Paid !

Free Cash Only - Never Pay to Get Paid

Welcome to your on-line resource for earning a legitimate income from home. Here I will show you many different sites that I personally use to generate money on the internet. None of these sites cost ANYTHING to join, no hidden fees, and will NEVER cost anything down the road. 100% FREE and 100% LEGIT. They all offer many ways to earn, and have a proven track record of success.

What I am going to introduce you to are various GPT (Get Paid To) sites. Get paid to do surveys, offers, watch videos, sign ups, downloads, simple tasks. Get paid directly to PayPal, some offer a sign up bonus to join. Work at home part time or full time, make a little or make a lot, all sites are legitimate and proven – money makers. Without further ado here is a list of some of my top earners:

PrizeRebel.com is a great place to get free Gift Cards, Free Money, Free Game Cards and much much more!
In Business Since 2007 has Paid Out Over 6 Million Dollars to 5.5 Million Members.
Minimum Cash Out is $5 Which is Instant After the First Withdrawal!

SwagBucks - Reward Yourself. Earn free gift cards for taking surveys, watching TV, getting deals and more. Over $60 Million paid to members. Join Today!
SwagBucks is Another Top GPT Site that Has Paid Out Over 100 Million to Its Members.
Long Running and Very Trusted. Minimum Cash Out for PayPal is $25!

GiftHulk - They say nothing is free. We disagree.
In Business Since 2011 with Millions Paid Out to Its Members.  Minimum
Cash Out is $5 for PayPal.  Follow This Link to Get a 250 Point Bonus!

PrizeRebel Get Your Share of Millions NOW!

 AH PrizeRebel  Smiley Such an AMAZING and AWESOME site! This place has something for EVERYONE, cash videos, high paying surveys, offer walls, a daily BONUS bar going 3 levels for extra points for reaching the goal (which is VERY easy to reach I might add). Easy offers with great crediting, contests, raffles to enter with various prizes, a "lucky numbers" game for jackpot winnings. You wont run out of things to do at this site I can PROMISE you.

 They have 5 account levels for you to reach. the more you EARN the better it GETS! As you progress you will enjoy automatic prize processing, a raise in your "special bonus" which is a percentage of EVERYTHING you've earned throughout the month INCLUDING your referrals earnings given out at the beginning of each month! Also you will receive a DISCOUNT on claimed prizes!

 They feature 10 offer walls including some of the BEST out there like Peanut Labs, Offertoro and Persona.ly! They are very active on social media and OFTEN give out PROMO codes for some free points. The minimum to cash out is only $5 which BELIEVE me it is VERY easy to reach that and MORE pretty QUICKLY! they offer cash out to paypal, direct deposit and now offer bitcoin as a payment processor. In addition to the cash prizes, you ALSO have MANY different giftcards you can choose from. These include places like Game Stop, Best Buy, WalMart, Home Depot, various restaurants and Google Play Playstation Store, the list goes ON! 

 Starting back in '07 and with so MANY ways to earn and so MANY things to receive, you can see WHY this site has been around as long as it has and has over 6 million VERY happy members! You simply CAN'T go wrong here. OH, and did i MENTION, the super easy to reach cash out of only $5 dollars is within 24 hrs. for your FIRST cash out, and after THAT, well it is INSTANT! And who doesn't like instant CASH? When you join PrizeRebel it will QUICKLY become one of your TOP go to sites for earning consistently and easily!

 Join me NOW at PrizeRebel and Happy Earning!

PrizeRebel Banner
12 MILLION Paid Out Since 2007 

Earn With Earnably

Earnably banner

 This is a fairly new GPT site that started back in March of 2015. They have 19 offer walls to choose from, daily surveys, videos, tasks, radio loyalty. Very friendly and responsive staff and are active on Facebook and Twitter. Contests and PROMO codes for extra points! Easy to reach $2 minimum cash out to paypal which is within 24 to 48 hrs ( usually MUCH faster! )

 Many perks with this one! Easy to reach daily goal bonus. Want to lower that withdrawl to only a DOLLAR? Upgrade to premium at no out of pocket cost, plus earn more on every offer! And much more you just HAVE to check out! This one has staying power and I highly recommend it!

                                      Follow the link above to get half way to your first cash out!

Earn Money Easily on TreasureTrooper!

How It Works
  1. TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides you with several money-making opportunities. Simply register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.
  2. Complete some offers. We have hundreds of offers ranging in payout from $.50 to $50.00. Most of them are completely free! Once you've completed an offer, click the corresponding 'Done' button to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your 'Pending Offers' page (on the 'My Treasure' tab) to await verification.
  3. As offers are verified, they are moved from the 'Pending Offers' page to the 'Approved Offers' page and the money will be added to your earnings on your 'My Treasure' page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem for items at the Trading Hut that will help you on your journey!
  4. You are eligible to receive payment once you have reached a minimum balance of $20. You may request an Instant Payment or wait and be paid automatically on the 15-20th of each month for your entire previous month's earnings.
  5. Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper and get an extra 20% of all of the offers they complete for life! In addition, you'll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!
  6. Get involved in the many other aspects of our site like forum contests, the Dragon Lair, and Treasure Hunts. The current Treasure Hunt is for the lost statue of the Mambiko Tribe and is worth $100 to anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the number of people that can win this treasure! Start by purchasing the map in the Trading Hut!

  • Question: How does TreasureTrooper make the money to pay us?
    • Answer: There are thousands of companies out there looking for regular people (that's you) to sample or take surveys about their products. These companies pay us to send them these consumers (you again) and we then pay you a generous portion of this in return.
  • Question: Will the information I give you be used to hurt me in any way?
    • Answer: The information you give to TreasureTrooper will never be sold to outside parties or used to harass you via spam, telemarketers, or junk mail. View our Privacy Policy for full details.
  • Question: Do I have to spend money to make money here?
    • Answer: Absolutely not! We have hundreds of 100% free offers, surveys, tasks and more all just waiting for your completion. Come join the fun and see what we're all about. You won't be disappointed!

In over six years of doing business, the question that we hear repeatedly is, "Is this for real?" It's natural to be skeptical of a website promising to send you money, and we certainly don't blame you for being cautious. While nothing will be as convincing as when you hold that first check in your hands, we've put together a few resources to hopefully help alleviate some of your skepticism.

TreasureTrooper has paid its members millions of dollars to date, and many of them have posted proof of their payment. Thousands have posted in our payment proof thread on the forum, and still others have sent us physical pictures which we have added to our payment proof gallery.


This is a fun little site that I have recently acquired that makes it like a game of sorts. There are your regular survey offers, cash offers, videos and games to play, however; it makes it like a treasure hunt. There is a trading hut where you can cash in the different gold coins or platinum coins or pearls for gift cards, xboxes, you can get pieces of a treasure map and journal with hints and tips leading to greater "treasure" you can also cash in your pearls to get free referrals.
You can earn dragon scales and buy dragon eggs in coggs coop, grow them to maturity, fight them with other dragons and even sell them back! There is a 5 dollar sign up bonus and pretty decent referral program. minimum cash out is 20 dollars PayPal and INSTANT with a small fee. It has been around for ten years and still going strong!
 At Treasure Trooper,  making money online with paid surveys is easy and free. Get paid to complete offers, take surveys, and get paid to click at Treasure Trooper. Start your stay at home job today!

instaGC - Totally FREE to Join and Earn FREE Instant PayPal Cash and Gift Cards ! Long Established Paying INTL GPT Site !

Digital gift cards and PayPal cash received instantly! Join our fast growing community and receive FREE gift cards or cash instantly for your online activities! Earn points & cash for things you already do online!

✔ Digitally delivered
✔ No wait
✔ Use in store or online
✔ Send to a friend

Redeem your FREE points for gift cards or PayPal cash!

GPTReview.net Back Up & Running! Huge GPT Industry News Flash!

Huge GPT Industry News Flash! The awesome GPTReview.net is back up and running folks! Hope to see you all check this GPT site 'authoritative reviews from real people that know' site out again! If you aren't already on it they would love to see you add your site(s) to it as well.
Jeannine worked very hard for a long time on it and now the Barnaby Group of GPT & Network Sites (CashRocketGPT.com, TikiTreasure.com, MadMoneyGPT.com, SkippyAds.com, RedFireNetwork.com, etc.) are carrying on her hard work and efforts to create a solid and trustworthy review site again for GPTs! Simply head over to www.GPTReview.net now and/or check out the NEW!
What is GPTReview.net?
Looking for the "perfect" GPT site? Tired of being scammed, ignored, and low payouts? At GPTReview, you can read site reviews, or register and submit your own! You can also see ratings that users have given a website, based on Friendliness, Navigation, Offers, and Payout Time.
Founded in 2005 -- GPTReview has been, from the start, a site dedicated to providing information and helping people find the best GPT sites.
If you have any feedback about the site, or have an idea about a feature that could be on the website, feel free to drop me (them) a note through the contact form!
Looking for the "perfect" GPT site? Tired of being scammed, ignored, and low payouts? At GPTReview, you can read site reviews, or register and submit your own! You can also see ratings that users have given a website, based on Friendliness, Navigation, Offers, and Payout Time.

GPTReview.net - Get Paid To (GPT) Site Discussion Group(Facebook Public Discussion Group) at www.facebook.com/groups/gptsitesonly/  Everyone is Welcomed to Join! Referral Links and Honest GPT Site Reviews are Encouraged!
GPTReview.net - Get Paid To (GPT) Site Discussion Group