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William Clements
 William has always been an entrepreneur, starting as many young men do with mowing lawns at the age of nine. Being increasingly interested in the on line world and always business minded, he merged those two interests into his very own online candle business at the young age of only THIRTEEN! At that time, researching and networking led him to the world of GPT sites. William focused his attention on only one site at that time accumulating a few thousand dollars for his efforts. After that he discovered many more sites and prospered in those as well.

 After a decade of working the sites and getting to know the owners personally, learning the inner workings and seeing their profitability, business savvy William then decided it was time to create his very own GPT site. With the support and encouragement of the owners he came to know as friends, in 2012 the doors to Peoples GPT flung wide open! It is a decision he has never regretted. Saying:
"I invested in it and I am not only glad i did so, I hope to continue it for many more years to (come)"
 Some things you can expect from Peoples GPT aside from a very welcoming and helpful admin and community, are many ways to earn including 17 offer walls, site exclusive offers and various contests. Monthly offer contests, monthly referral contests, PTC (Paid To Click) contests as well as daily jackpots to enter. The contests are all in the spirit of friendly competition which in turn helps members to earn even MORE along the way whether they win or not. Videos, surveys and an easy to reach $1 minimum cash out are all just a FEW reasons that this site that has already paid out just under 7K to its members and COUNTING should be high on your list! And don't forget to follow them on Facebook HERE to keep up to date and get your FREE promo codes!

  Being open to many countries across the globe, there is something for everyone here at Peoples GPT. Always working diligently on the site, one thing members can look forward to is more offer walls. People ask William, well how many do you NEED? to which he replies:

         "That is a fair question and the answer is as many as possible because that increases the 
           amount of offers that can be done and will be done. Which in return makes Peoples GPT
           & our members more and more money"

  Along with running Peoples GPT, William has many other on line ventures that he is involved in. He is also an affiliate network owner, sells social media traffic and also has a few mobile apps in the works. But that's not ALL, he is also going for his B.S. in IT as well as being a certified tutor for students of all ages. He also does volunteer work for different non profit organizations and has ALSO founded his OWN non profit in his home state of Maryland. Which provides connections for individuals and families experiencing many different kinds of need and hardship to the resources they need as well as helping if no resources can be found. You can learn more about that organization HERE.

  As you can see, this humanitarian at heart has a LOT going on! he balances this all out with spending quality time with his family and friends and unwinding with his love of music and movies. He also loves the GPT community and really enjoys helping others who want to start their own sites with his extensive knowledge. You can check out his site below:

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