Tom Billington

Tom Billington
  Tom started out like most of us, looking for ways to earn extra money on line. Back in 2009 that search led him to a PTC (Paid To Click) site called NeoBux, and also Points2Shop. He also worked with market research sites such as Toluna surveys, Valued Opinions and Global Test Market. With all of these sites still up and running, you can SEE that Tom has a sharp eye and KNOWS a real and legit opportunity when he sees one.

  Finding these money making alternatives, and with an inclination towards transparency, the following year he opened his own review site. There he would inform others of  the great sites he had found and help them avoid the scams. Also dabbling in web hosting, script selling and a few blogs during this time, Tom decided to try his hand at running a couple of  PTC sites of his own. Having found success and creating a following through his hard work and great customer service, Tom decided it was time to take it a step farther! Wanting more flexibility and the ability to offer MORE options for earning to his members, Tom begets a top notch GPT site.

  In 2014 he launches Earn Doing! In keeping on the path of legitimacy and transparency that got him here, Tom says:

         "We try to run Earn Doing as an honest site which you can trust, we try to tell our  members             everything even the bad things and are always changing"

Along with an easy to reach $1 minimum cash out to PayPal, you will find 13 offer walls, great rates on daily paid surveys and 3 weekly running contests! Crowdflower tasks and PTC ads to view. A forum and chat box to meet other helpful members, and an active Facebook page to keep up to date on everything that's going on, which can be found  HERE. The site is open to members worldwide and has already paid out around $10,000 to them to date! Going back to the amazing rates Tom offers he says:

                   "We also have some of the best daily surveys and do not use 3rd party networks for our                                      main offers meaning our rates beat 90% of sites out there"

  A few new things you can look forward to from Earn Doing are the introductions of paid videos, paid gaming and also a paid search powered by Yahoo! Plus, he is always on the look out for new offer walls and daily surveys to add to keep his members coming back for more. Being a hands on owner, he updates, fixes any and all issues, and improves things on a DAILY basis to give all of his members nothing but the BEST experience possible!  As you can see, Tom takes the site and his role very seriously, and you can be rest assured when you choose to become a member you will have joined a community where you are appreciated and seen as an equal!

  Tom has a new venture he is working on this year that plays into his love of gaming. He has recently started a YouTube channel called Cavaliers Gaming, which will provide tips, hints and guides to the latest games which you can find HERE. Speaking of gaming, it is one of the activities he does for some decompression from his busy lifestyle. Also being an avid movie buff he makes time to go to the cinema at least once a week. So go ahead and click the banner below and add this top of the line GPT site to your arsenal NOW!



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