What Is A GPT Site?

   A GPT site.. or Get Paid To site is a website that pays you to complete various tasks such as: filling out surveys, watching videos, signing up for newsletters or trial offers. Why do they do this? Simply, companies want customers and they have different methods of advertising that they do. The GPT site offers another form of advertising for them in order to reach their audience. The GPT site charges for the advertising space on the website, like the company would pay normally to run an ad in the paper or on TV.

   The GPT site in turn passes a percentage of their profits on to you, the member of the site and audience the companies are trying to reach. The more members a site has, the more they can charge the companies for advertising making it more beneficial for YOU the site member to earn more quickly. It is also beneficial for the sites benefactors ( the companies ) in getting their offers out to more people. Basically the GPT site is a middle man between consumer and the companies wanting you to consume. It is a business model that is WIN-WIN-WIN for all involved.

   The sites offer many ways to be rewarded for your efforts such as: cash to PayPal or check and/or different payment processors, gift cards to places such as Amazon, WalMart, various restaurants, physical prizes such as video games, gaming consoles, cell phones. Most if not all offer different contests like a certain amount of points or cash awarded for completing the most offers or surveys in a certain amount of time. There will also be PROMO codes given out on a pretty regular basis for free points or cash. There are many Facebook pages that are just for the sites themselves to join and follow to keep up with current events. Plus, just a very fun and helpful and supportive community of people that are all looking for the same thing and never UNwilling to give a hand here and there so we ALL achieve!

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