Here are a few tips I have for you if you are just starting out in working GPT sites

1. You may find it beneficial to create a new email account or two if you choose to do sign up offers
     because you will get a LOT of emails from the sponsor offers you choose to do. some will be sign-
     ing up for newsletters or other promotions. If you use your email a lot this can be an annoyance.

2. Follow the sites you sign up for on Facebook and Twitter because they will have promo codes and
    contests and news about new offers and surveys added. It is a good way to get some free points
    and to keep up to date with everything that is going on with the sites in general.

3. Many of the sites have forums which are ALWAYS a good resource for information from other users
    and admins of the site itself. Most will have a help guide either posted by other users or the admins
    themselves. So it is a good idea to check them out as well.

4. Never use a proxy server. (AOL) or similar. Always clear your cookies before doing an offer. If
    you choose to do a download offer I suggest using sandboxie to avoid getting possible adware.

       (learn more about and download sandboxie for free HERE)

       (don't want to manually clear your cookies? learn more
        about CCleaner and download for free HERE)

5. I personally always cash out the minimum rather than waiting for a bigger payout. they are easier
    and quicker to achieve. Work several different sites and cash them out at the minimum. $1 cash out
    times 10 - 20 sites.. ( you get the picture ;) ).. But you can choose whichever method suits you the

6. Become active in the community and join different groups related to GPT's. a few you can find listed
    here on this blog

                                                     Have Fun And Happy Earning!!!

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